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Call Timelines

Dashboard for call resolution from the perspective of a resident. Understand what's open and what still needs to be closed out.

Call Timeline Dashboard

We provide a sortable, filterable grid detailing all the calls a property has ever had on Courtesy Connection. That includes data on:

  • Property
  • Call Timeline Open Date/Time
  • Call Timeline Status
  • Caller Phone Number
  • Caller Name
  • Time to Close
  • Operator who Closed the Timeline

You shouldn't have to guess what's still open and what needs attention. Go to a single dashboard to know what needs attention.

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Call Timeline Dashboard

Individual Call Follow-Up

Call Timelines group individual resident calls into a cohesive timeline describing the lifecycle of an issue from the perspective of a resident. Call Timelines are the heart of how we track an issue's status and resolution.


  • A resident calls in regarding a critical maintenance issue and is connected real-time with the on-call service technician. That's one call timeline.
  • A resident calls in twice, back-to-back, regarding an issue for a courtesy officer. Then, they receive a callback five minutes later from the courtesy officer. That's also only a single call timeline.

Without a system to track follow-up, it's challenging to get a clear picture of what level of service is being delivered to your residents. With Call Timelines, you are in control.

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Individual Call Timeline

Portfolio Call Performance Summary

Senior management wants to understand portfolio performance at a glance. One page, one answer.

Our Portfolio Call Performance Summary dashboard is the answer. With it, you can group by and drill into performance by:

  • Regional Property Manager
  • Property
  • Call Operator (whether that is site staff, a courtesy officer, or a security firm)
  • Individual Call Timelines
  • Individual Calls
Portfolio Call Performance Summary

Using this dashboard, you can immediately understand where you have top performers and where you have lagging service.

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