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Lighting Inspections & Reportable Items

Do you have an electronic place-of-record for lighting and security inspections? Eliminate hand-written logs from courtesy officers.
Lighting Inspection Example

Digital Log of Lighting Inspections and Other Reportable Items

Most management firms have no digital place-of-record for courtesy officer and security firm lighting inspections, security reports, or parking removal incidents. Courtesy Connection provides you with a digital platform to manage:

  • Lighting Inspections
  • Maintenance Issues (this does not integrate with your PMS -- the audience is COs/security firms that have no login to your maintenance system)
  • Security Issues
  • Other Issues (often used to track cars that are towed)

Using this platform, a user can log any number of notes and photos. Once complete, they can press a button to submit an instant email notification to the appropriate site staff.

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