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Voicemail Transcription and Translation

Voicemail made easy! Courtesy Connection transcribes voicemails, and it can even *translate* them too!
Voicemail Translation Example

Voicemail Transcription

Come back from the weekend and have a mountain of voicemails? Courtesy Connection's voicemail transcriptions make it easy to get through action items quickly and efficiently. We generate a transcription every time a voicemail comes through our system, and it is included on all appropriate notifications to site staff.

Voicemail Translations

Additionally, we now have the ability to generate English -> Spanish or Spanish -> English translations. We've seen these be of use if a community has team members that need to field voicemails that are in a language with which the team members are not fluent.

NOTE: We can generate translations from Spanish -> English only if a community has enabled the Spanish version of their missed call phone tree.

Request Information From Sales

If you'd like more information on what Courtesy Connection can do for your communities, then give us a ring at 678.829.4478, email us at [email protected], or enter your info below. We're happy to send over references, perform a demo, or explore a pilot.