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Bidirectional Text Messaging

FEATURED RELEASE Bidirectional Text Messaging

5/23/2022: By popular request, Courtesy Connection rolls out optional support for text messaging between residents and on-call team members.

How it Works

Whenever a resident calls in to a community's Courtesy Connection phone tree, if they select an option that attempts to route real-time to on-call staff, then they'll be asked if they consent to receive text messages.  If they opt-in, then on-call staff can text back and forth with a resident within the context of an on-call issue reported through the phone tree.

Privacy for Site Staff

There is no scenario in which we ever expose staff member personal cell phone numbers to residents or other callers.  All text message exchanges are proxied through a separate number that we maintain on the property's behalf, and personal information (and phone numbers) stays private.


From a compliance perspective, on-call staff are only able to send text messages within the context of an issue reported through the phone tree and when the caller has explicitly opted in to text messaging.  The penalties for getting text messaging compliance wrong are severe, and we built Courtesy Connection to help keep your team on the right side of things from a compliance perspective.


Residents can even send in a photo as part of the text messaging.  Have a water leak at 2AM?  Now, an on-call team member can request and view a photo before deciding if they need to go out in the middle of the night vs. the next business day.

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